Definition of apparent in English:



  • 1Clearly visible or understood; obvious.

    ‘for no apparent reason she laughed’
    with clause ‘it became apparent that he was talented’
    • ‘This becomes apparent in wet conditions, when the driver's skill comes to the fore.’
    • ‘Often redness is apparent in the complexion or hair or the complexion is well tanned.’
    • ‘The split has become apparent in a row over attempts to encourage wind power in the north west.’
    • ‘It's been noticeable in a couple of games and I think it was apparent in this game.’
    • ‘This reassurance gap is a national phenomenon, which is very much apparent in Cumbria.’
    • ‘The board fares reasonably well and the sheer effort apparent in the new design wins lots of points.’
    • ‘The dangers were most conspicuously apparent in the vast sums being made from India.’
    • ‘The discussion ended and the man left the apartment with his threat still apparent in the room.’
    • ‘He has been cast as a villain, who for no apparent reason went after a fan in the stands.’
    • ‘Such arguments simply portray investors as a mob that reacts to events for no apparent reason.’
    • ‘The themes that dominate our pop culture are often only truly apparent in retrospect.’
    • ‘He said there could be nuances that were not apparent in the English translation.’
    • ‘The same approach to collective dominance is apparent in the context of mergers.’
    • ‘The result of this will become more apparent in the second half of the year.’
    • ‘This was not the only source of misery that became apparent in the course of our conversation.’
    • ‘Similar interest in evidence based public policy is apparent in other countries.’
    • ‘The road had begun sinking some months back, with dips becoming apparent in the road.’
    • ‘The Athenian mix of culture and commerce was as apparent in art as architecture.’
    • ‘Things turned worse when he began tripping over backwards for no apparent reason.’
    • ‘The joint enterprise model of marriage is apparent in some of the factors in the checklist.’
    evident, plain, obvious, clear, manifest, visible, discernible, perceptible, perceivable, noticeable, detectable, recognizable, observable
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  • 2Seeming real or true, but not necessarily so.

    ‘his apparent lack of concern’
    • ‘This apparent lack of the respect for the dead led to criticism, but it was a necessary expedient.’
    • ‘We can moan about people's apparent lack of intelligence and mixed motives later.’
    • ‘I and other people have felt uneasy for some time over the apparent lack of safety.’
    • ‘Nationally there is also growing concern at the apparent ease with which real guns can be bought.’
    • ‘There has been an apparent failure to contact or evaluate some of the children concerned.’
    • ‘Despite the apparent lack of interest, it seemed to be a rollercoaster of some substance.’
    • ‘In each case our being embodied explains the confusion of apparent with real properties.’
    • ‘Her claims even go as far as describing an apparent attempted murder to which she was the eyewitness.’
    • ‘They are tired of the images of skeletal babies and the apparent lack of progress in feeding them.’
    • ‘Most curious of all is the apparent lack of activity where you would expect it most.’
    • ‘So how can we make the most of this apparent lack of enthusiasm on the fish's part?’
    • ‘In both cases, the market treated the good results with an apparent lack of enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Her face, skeletal from an apparent lack of food, curves thin lips into a wry grin.’
    • ‘Did this apparent lack of discrimination change at the end of the sixteenth century?’
    • ‘The apparent intensity of this backlash masks the real emptiness of such complaints.’
    • ‘What shocked the supporters was the apparent lack of urgency in their team's response.’
    • ‘Machines that won't start up due to an apparent lack of power are covered by the extension too.’
    • ‘True, the apparent freedom and rationality of the human will may prove an illusion.’
    • ‘I am also getting exasperated with the apparent lack of will to achieve our deadline.’
    • ‘We all end up paying more to avoid a problem which is normally more apparent than real.’
    seeming, ostensible, outward, superficial, surface, supposed, presumed, so-called, alleged, professed, avowed, declared, claimed, purported, pretended, feigned
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Late Middle English: from Old French aparant, from Latin apparent- ‘appearing’, from the verb apparere (see appear).