Definition of apostrophize in English:


(British apostrophise)


[with object]
  • 1Rhetoric
    Address an exclamatory passage in a speech or poem to (someone or something)

    ‘it isn't just any poet who could apostrophize his clapped-out van’
    • ‘Both frequently apostrophize unidentified addressees, and both manipulate pronouns in intriguing ways, but his lyrics imply mundane, domestic situations.’
    • ‘Moreover, there are no examples of collectives being apostrophized with the regularity that this personification receives.’
    • ‘This apostrophises the palm tree as the source of nourishment, and something to be worshipped possibly a symbol for the Mother of God herself, but in any case further evidence of the earth ‘coming to the aid of the child’.’
    • ‘Lucy apostrophizes the elements as her demonic foe.’
    • ‘In lyrics, I would claim, this possibility of address reveals a fundamental structure - whether the poem actually apostrophizes anyone or anything.’
  • 2Punctuate (a word) with an apostrophe.

    ‘pupils claimed that had been taught to apostrophize plurals’
    • ‘I hate when I apostrophize words incorrectly and there is no edit feature.’
    • ‘Personally I think there is a case for omitting the apostrophe when the word which might be apostrophised describes, either on its own or as part of a compound adjective, what sort of noun it is, rather than who it belongs to.’
    • ‘I didn't apostrophize my plurals in my post.’
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