Definition of aporetic in English:



  • See aporia

    • ‘However, these distinctions between kinds of dialogues and kinds of Socratic characters are not exclusive; there are dialogues that mix the aporetic and conclusive styles, e.g., Protagoras, Meno, and Gorgias.’
    • ‘It is a question that can never be supplied with a direct answer, a question that's meaning emerges only through the repeated asking as the poem engages on multiple levels with the aporetic knot of memory, language, and the world.’
    • ‘Someone who was giving me comments on my piece mentioned that a comment was ‘too aporetic.’’
    • ‘It is undeniable that many of Aristotle's treatises are, in large part, aporetic in style - that they discuss problems, and discuss them piecemeal.’
    • ‘This process of aporetic oscillation between collective and personal instances of remembrance incessantly constructs and reconstructs our view of the past and generates individual and often differing versions of past events.’