Definition of aponeurosis in English:



  • A sheet of pearly white fibrous tissue which takes the place of a tendon in sheet-like muscles having a wide area of attachment.

    • ‘Other examples of dense regular connective tissue include most ligaments, aponeuroses, and the cornea of the eye.’
    • ‘Radiographs may show calcific deposits in the extensor aponeurosis or spurring but are frequently normal.’
    • ‘The plantar fascia is a thickened fibrous aponeurosis that originates from the medial tubercle of the calcaneus and runs forward to form the longitudinal foot arch.’
    • ‘The muscle fibers arise from the intertendinous aponeurosis and intermediate tendon and insert on the inner surface of the mandible.’
    • ‘Plantar fibromatosis is a rare, benign neoplasm of the plantar aponeurosis.’
    • ‘The superficial branch, which forms the superficial palmer arch, descends a short distance into the palm and curves toward the thumb between the palmer aponeurosis and flexor tendons to form an arch.’
    • ‘The transection of the flexor tendons and the aponeurosis was an unavoidable consequence of these limitations and was standardized in all specimens.’
    • ‘During placement the lateral digital tendons, through a complex and stratified array of connective tissue sheets and muscles that make up the plantar aponeurosis, pull the scansors into close contact with the locomotor substratum.’
    • ‘It has been found lying upon the semilunar fascia of the biceps, and over the aponeurosis of the forearm, instead of beneath those structures.’
    • ‘The blood vessels are seen in large quantities on the surface of the muscular aponeuroses.’
    • ‘The plantar fascia is a multilayered, fibrous aponeurosis with three portions - medial, central, and lateral.’
    • ‘The tonsils are surrounded by a capsule, a specialized portion of the intrapharyngeal aponeurosis that covers the medial portion of the tonsils and provides a path for blood vessels and nerves through its fibers.’
    • ‘Only when the fused aponeuroses of the two muscles are unusually thickened, the fibers curve downward in front of the spermatic cord and insert onto the iliopectioneal line.’
    • ‘Dupuytren disease is a connective tissue disorder characterized by contracture involving the palmar aponeurosis.’
    • ‘The gastrocnemius muscle aponeurosis is well defined and thick.’
    • ‘The tendon of plantaris is still located between the aponeuroses of soleus and gastrocnemius.’
    • ‘A slip, radiopalmaris, may arise directly from the radius beneath sublimis and attach to the palmar aponeurosis or the common sheath of the flexor tendons.’
    • ‘The aponeuroses and muscles connecting the fractured ribs to the non-fractured ribs probably play a major role in transmitting the inspiratory force of the contracting parasternal intercostals to the flail portion of the chest.’
    • ‘The genital branch may bypass the deep inguinal ring running superficial to it in the aponeurosis of the external abdominal oblique muscle.’
    • ‘The muscle is swung around and sutured to the caudal portion of the defect at the pectoralis major's origin and at the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle.’


Late 17th century: modern Latin, from Greek aponeurōsis, from apo ‘off, away’ + neuron ‘sinew’ + -osis.