Definition of apodictic in English:


(also apodeictic)


  • Clearly established or beyond dispute.

    • ‘Not all of these nine statements are totally independent, and the list makes no claim for apodictic completeness or ultimate correctness.’
    • ‘Both these types of phenomena are apodeictic realities.’
    • ‘He sought a new and apodictic foundation of human knowledge based on the liberation of man from the ancient and medieval tradition of the West.’
    • ‘The truths that conceptual analysis arrives at are thus apodictic, rather like the truths of geometry.’
    • ‘It would have a necessary influence, or what philosophers sometimes call apodictic force.’
    incontrovertible, incontestable, undeniable, irrefutable, unassailable, beyond dispute, unquestionable, beyond question, indubitable, not in doubt, beyond doubt, beyond a shadow of a doubt, unarguable, inarguable, undebatable, unanswerable
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Mid 17th century: via Latin from Greek apodeiktikos, from apodeiknunai ‘show off, demonstrate’.