Definition of aplastic in English:



  • See aplasia

    • ‘Although aplastic crisis is ultimately self-limiting, patients can be severely ill and fatalities have occurred.’
    • ‘A team of 16 nursing staff deal with about 35 donor transplants a year for patients with different types of leukaemia, thalassaemia and aplastic anaemias who come from West, North and East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.’
    • ‘Common problems in children include febrile events, acute chest syndrome, sequestration crisis, and aplastic episodes due to infection with parvovirus.’
    • ‘While the aplastic crisis is self-limited, the authors note that the severe anemia precipitated by parvovirus infection may be fatal without appropriate transfusion support.’
    • ‘Also infection can produce severe anaemia and an aplastic crisis in people with sickle-cell anaemia or other abnormalities of haemoglobin.’