Definition of apish in English:



  • 1Resembling or likened to an ape.

    ‘Australopithecus had an apish cranium’
    • ‘Compared to our apish ancestors, which could run only short distances, we have a more balanced head, flatter face, and smaller teeth and nose.’
    • ‘Lately, he has taken to apish chest-thumping in proclaiming that various individuals are ‘ducking’ and ‘backing down’ from him.’
    • ‘But why did women - and men, for that matter - lose the apish fur that covered most of our bodies to begin with?’
  • 2Foolish or silly.

    • ‘But the plot and its apish qualities ultimately aren't very important.’
    • ‘In truth, he had suspected all his subordinates were just as apish as each other.’