Definition of apiculturist in English:



  • See apiculture

    • ‘Be it parasites or disease, the apiculturist has a plethora of tools at their disposal.’
    • ‘Subsequently, over the course of a five year program, 1500 new apiculturists will be trained in the raising of beehives and in the production of high quality honey.’
    • ‘On kibbutzes and farms, apiculturists produce more than 3,500 tons of honey annually from 90,000 beehives, according to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics.’
    • ‘An experienced and innovative apiculturist, he has recorded a high yield of 101 kg honey from a colony in a year.’
    • ‘The quickly developed medications were insufficiently tested, were of little help to the beehives and had adverse health effects on the apiculturists.’