Definition of apical in English:



  • 1technical Relating to or denoting an apex.

    • ‘Cell size was calculated by dividing the mean total apical area by the mean number of cells for each apex.’
    • ‘Perhaps this observable distinction between the two inner walls is used by the mechanism responsible for spatial orientation of apical cell division.’
    • ‘Shoot length was measured from the insertion point on the stem to the tangent line between the apices of the most apical green leaves.’
    • ‘As the root grows, the apical growing region moves continuously into new soil volume containing yet-to-be-used water.’
    • ‘The top-most, or apical, bud of a shoot has dominance over all the lateral buds below it.’
  • 2Phonetics
    (of a consonant) formed with the tip of the tongue at or near the front teeth or the alveolar ridge, for example th or trilled r.

    • ‘Variations can be made by changing the shape of the tongue behind the apical closure.’
    • ‘His contribution to the study of errors in apical consonant articulation are world famous.’


Early 19th century: from Latin apex, apic- (see apex) + -al.