Definition of aphtha in English:



  • 1A small ulcer occurring in groups in the mouth or on the tongue.

    • ‘The cause of aphthae is still uncertain but hereditary factors are certainly significant with approximately 40% of people who get them having a family history of aphthae.’
    • ‘Herpetiform aphthae often appear in the back of the mouth, and usually heal within a month.’
    • ‘Recurrent aphthae constitute the most common oral mucosal disease and affects up to 25% of the population.’
    • ‘Several conditions should be considered in the differential diagnosis when evaluating patients with recurrent aphthae.’
    • ‘There is considerable overlap between the various types of aphthae and more than one type can be present at one time.’
    sore, ulceration, open sore, abscess, boil, carbuncle, pustule, blister, cyst, gumboil, wen
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    1. 1.1mass noun A condition in which aphthae occur.
      • ‘The preventive action against development of sores caused by a new denture or against aphtha is also effective.’
      • ‘Which food would you recommend for someone suffering from aptha?’


Mid 17th century: via Latin from Greek, connected with haptein ‘set on fire’.