Definition of apheresis in English:


(also aphaeresis)

nounPlural aphereses

mass noun
  • 1Linguistics
    Omission of the initial sound of a word, as when he is is pronounced he's.

    • ‘When the indefinite article was being restored to its separate existence, the word ‘atomy’ was falsely coined from ‘anatomy’ through aphaeresis, by the removal of the supposed indefinite article.’
    • ‘In some words initial e has been lost by aphaeresis: squire from esquire, sample from example, state from estate.’
    leaving out, exclusion, exception, non-inclusion, deletion, erasure, cut, excision, elimination, absence
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  • 2Medicine
    A technique by which a particular substance or component is removed from the blood, the main volume being returned to the body.

    • ‘Now, Becky donates just platelets and plasma via a process called apheresis.’
    • ‘Another method used for separating out some of the components of blood consists of a technique known as apheresis.’
    • ‘Platelets collected by apheresis were counted as single units.’
    • ‘Since most of the patients are not eligible for allogenic transplantation, autologous bone marrow or more increasingly mobilized peripheric blood stem cells obtained by apheresis are used for grafting.’
    • ‘Removing blood stem cells from your blood during apheresis doesn't hurt.’


Mid 16th century: via late Latin from Greek aphairesis, from aphairein ‘take away’, from apo ‘from’ + hairein ‘take’.