Definition of apartment in English:



  • 1A flat, typically one that is well appointed or used for holidays.

    ‘self-catering holiday apartments’
    • ‘Each building consists principally of residential apartments of various sizes.’
    • ‘They're building luxury apartments in Shanghai and selling them as fast as they can get them up.’
    • ‘Places to stay range from hotels and bed and breakfast to self-catering apartments, farmhouses and camping.’
    • ‘At the time the building collapsed, only 25 of the building's apartments were occupied.’
    • ‘Property developers, building luxury apartments for the wealthy few, have too much influence, says Steve.’
    • ‘Offers have streamed in for flats and apartments in the heart of the city in buildings which have been transformed to meet the demand.’
    • ‘The owner plans to convert the building into apartments.’
    • ‘Planning permission to carry out the major conversion work on the building and create 22 apartments was granted in May.’
    • ‘The wooden lodges range from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom timber houses.’
    • ‘He said councillors would like to see the building possibly converted into apartments without being demolished.’
    • ‘Many local houseowners have made a killing converting their flats into such apartments.’
    • ‘The building had single-level apartments on the second floor, and a roof garden on top.’
    • ‘There would be 50 flats, including penthouse apartments, over seven or eight floors.’
    • ‘The apartments at the building have ten foot ceilings - so there are fewer actual floors.’
    • ‘Can you see high hills dappled in snow from your apartment or damp basement flat?’
    • ‘The salty breeze and the large beach are a welcome relief for many who are cooped up inside flats and apartments.’
    • ‘Living in cities is more popular and the more expensive flats and apartments are centrally located.’
    • ‘Tickets start at £49 and include accommodation in self-catering apartments.’
    • ‘Kingston Square will be flanked by commercial office suites on the ground floor, with residential apartments above.’
    • ‘Residents said the building housed a bank on one floor and residential apartments on the other floors.’
    1. 1.1North American A suite of rooms forming one residence; a flat.
      ‘the family lived in a rented apartment’
    2. 1.2North American A block of apartments.
      ‘a district of six-storey apartments arranged along narrow streets’
      • ‘The company is also building town houses and apartments overlooking the Meia Praia beach in the attractive town of Lagos.’
      • ‘He jumped down from the building and walked by buildings which were apartments or warehouses.’
      • ‘Chiefs are also looking at ending the misery of residents at the Westgate apartments by banning drinking in the War Memorial Gardens.’
      • ‘We can ill-afford to lose more hotels to flats and apartments.’
      • ‘Previously there had been a presumption in favour of housing, making it difficult to reject plans for flats and apartments.’
      • ‘The road-field, now apartments and shops, was blanketed in buttercups in the summers.’
      • ‘The project, in the Canal Street area, is due for completion in 2006 and will include cafes, bars and apartments.’
      • ‘There are a significant number of residential apartments and layouts coming up.’
      • ‘It isn't only new blocks of multi-storey apartments that give rise to legal issues.’
      • ‘Let us try to bluff him by painting our houses, buildings, apartments, hoardings and what not, in green.’
      • ‘Shrewsbury Road's Sean Dunne is currently building apartments on Brighton Road in Foxrock.’
      • ‘Our houses, apartments and office buildings need to become far more efficient in te way we use energy and water to run them.’
      • ‘I meet Chezelle outside the breeze block apartments in which Henry used to live.’
      • ‘The citizens approached the residents of Brigade Millennium apartments to see if some work could be done on the roads.’
      • ‘OLD Town is the midst of a major redevelopment with apartments and flats close to being completed.’
      • ‘New flats and apartments to be built in Bradford city centre show there is real confidence in the city, developers said today.’
      • ‘Is there enormous uninsurable risk involved in building apartments?’
      • ‘Sheffield Council leader Jan Wilson said the Park Hill apartments were listed buildings so the only option was to regenerate them.’
      • ‘New developments, apartments, balconied villas, shops and restaurants are springing up everywhere.’
      • ‘Residents of apartments there were reluctant to speak on the issue to this newspaper.’
    3. 1.3apartments A set of private rooms in a very large house.
      ‘the Imperial apartments’
      • ‘Before leaving London, he has cast a shrewd eye over Lady Dedlock's private apartments.’
      • ‘The door that led to his apartments from the dining room was firmly shut.’
      • ‘Climb upstairs to MacLeod's private apartments, however, and a more spartan world, emerges.’
      • ‘Seconds later, Father Zeke emerged from his private apartments in the back of the chapel.’
      • ‘This was the room directly below the Cube Room, which once formed the north entrance to the private apartments and is now the public entrance.’
      • ‘The tour by-passed the private apartments on the next two floors.’
      • ‘By now, George had moved out of Buckingham Palace and into the nearby York House apartments of his eldest brother.’
      • ‘Apparently, until quite recently, one could request the air from the Marquis of Blandford's private apartments.’
      • ‘She tore up to the private apartments and threw herself into the living room without knocking.’
      • ‘Service rooms and a kitchen lay at one end of the hall, and at the other the lord's private apartments.’
      suite, suite of rooms, set of rooms, rooms, chambers
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Mid 17th century (denoting a private suite of rooms): from French appartement, from Italian appartamento, from appartare ‘to separate’, from a parte ‘apart’.