Definition of apace in English:



  • Swiftly; quickly:

    ‘work continues apace’
    • ‘Team-building is also continuing apace at Hunslet whose second row forward Sean Ibbetson is reckoned to be a Knights target.’
    • ‘Work on the last minute feature continues apace, with it being dropped onto the page and lined up nicely today, and almost ready for proofing by six.’
    • ‘There was no hard landing and housing construction continued apace.’
    • ‘Preparations for the new season at Gigg Lane continue apace.’
    • ‘Plans are continuing apace for the Fairymount National School centenary celebrations later in the year.’
    quickly, fast, swiftly, rapidly, speedily, briskly, without delay, post-haste, expeditiously, at full speed, at full tilt
    at warp speed
    at a rate of knots
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Late Middle English: from Old French a pas at (a considerable) pace.