Definition of Aoraki/Mount Cook in English:

Aoraki/Mount Cook

proper noun

  • official name for Mount Cook (see Cook, Mount)
    • ‘Snow-clad Aoraki Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain, stands sentinel over the Mackenzie Country, 292 kilometres south west of Christchurch.’
    • ‘The centerpiece, surrounded by spectacular glaciers, is Aoraki Mount Cook - New Zealand's highest peak.’
    • ‘If you cannot join the elite few who make it to the top of Aoraki/Mount Cook on foot, the next best way is by helicopter.’
    • ‘In the alpine paradise of Aoraki/Mt Cook you can hike the high trails or simply meditate on the beauty of the Southern Alps.’
    • ‘Aoraki/Mount Cook dominates the Southern Alps mountain range that divides New Zealand's South Island.’


Aoraki/Mount Cook