Definition of anywhere in English:



  • 1usually with negative or in questions In or to any place.

    ‘he couldn't be found anywhere’
    • ‘I've been all over Europe in my time, and I've never come across anywhere quite like it.’
    • ‘It must be remembered that no free trade agreement has ever been vetoed by parliament anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘Didn't anyone, anywhere, see what was going to happen when the Hilton was built?’
    • ‘No-one would ever starve anywhere in Turkey; the produce and the prices are quite unbelievable.’
    • ‘Now we're in our new house, surrounded by boxes, and I feel like I haven't been anywhere or done anything.’
    • ‘He added the plans would be reviewed but it was important to note that Waterford was no worse than anywhere else.’
    • ‘I couldn't find a trace of them anywhere, with damned Wimbledon taking up all the space and time.’
    • ‘He told Rose he wouldn't go anywhere.’
    • ‘No missionary force anywhere in the world could have had an easier time of it, or found a more congenial bunch of willing converts.’
    • ‘He goes through the advertising circulars and researches whether better prices are available anywhere else.’
    • ‘The funny thing about these excerpts is they do not appear anywhere else in the text that follows the prologue.’
    • ‘What's shocking is that some of what was said in these letters shouldn't be published anywhere.’
    • ‘And this hotel still has an allure you won't find anywhere else in the city.’
    • ‘I never go anywhere without a spray that I use when I get out of breath.’
    • ‘In L.A. you can't smoke anywhere, so you have to smoke outside and then go back inside to your drink.’
    • ‘If anywhere should benefit from the economic boost of these relocations, it is the deprived inner cities of the North.’
    • ‘Not one oil company said that there is any supply shortages anywhere around the world.’
    • ‘Some of the books in the library, it is said, cannot be found anywhere else.’
    • ‘Social services, schools and parents and carers rely on us to offer a service which isn't available anywhere else.’
    • ‘My mum won't go anywhere else and there will be lots more like her.’
    1. 1.1without negative Used for emphasis.
      ‘I could go anywhere in the world’
      • ‘He knows what frightens us most is that the next attack could be anywhere, anytime.’
      • ‘Is it childish for me to refuse to imagine life anywhere else when I haven't tried it yet?’
      • ‘The simplicity of the design allows for quick and easy set up anywhere around town where concrete exists.’
      • ‘The White Ribbon Campaign stands for peace anywhere, everywhere, and in any form.’
      • ‘The service is provided anywhere in Ireland for the price of a local call.’
      • ‘They offer volume and student discounts and will send mail orders anywhere.’
      • ‘The bag can then be placed anywhere where space is limited, such as with a concrete or paved backyard, patio, or balcony.’
      • ‘Larry, we have the safest food supply anywhere in the world, but there are some gaps in it.’
      • ‘Matthews will still be able to drink in pubs, but will breach the order if he is caught boozing in public anywhere in England or Wales.’
      • ‘We see national glory in State of Art installations, to match the best anywhere in the world.’
      • ‘Once you've got your message written, you can fire it off to anywhere in the world for 22 cents.’
      • ‘You travel anywhere else in the world, and you'll find real weather.’
      • ‘You can go to Spain or anywhere else in Europe and smoke by the bar or while sitting in a pub, or even go into a shop and smoke.’
      • ‘Mr Ings said he believed the gang stole the cigarettes because they are a high-value product that can be sold anywhere.’
      • ‘It could be set anywhere in the world as it is about the conflict between man and the environment and about man versus man.’
      • ‘This was as good a goal as you would see anywhere this year and is definitely a candidate for the goal of the season accolade.’
      • ‘This place is home, if anywhere is, and I love it with a deep passion.’
      • ‘With all the various airlines operating from the airport it is easy and convenient to travel anywhere.’
      • ‘Violence of any type by anyone and anywhere should be vehemently condemned.’
      • ‘It is the biggest cash grant for surgeries anywhere outside London.’
    2. 1.2 Used to indicate a range.
      ‘he could get anywhere from three to seven years’
      • ‘I'd put their ages at eight and ten, although they could have been anywhere from four to thirty-seven.’
      • ‘Foulds also said the delays could take anywhere from three to four weeks to straighten out.’
      • ‘The Amundsen will stay at each stop anywhere from one to three days, depending on the size of the community.’
      • ‘Estimates on when further action may start up range anywhere from three to nine months.’
      • ‘They can be anywhere from too small to be seen with the naked eye to as big as the chips thrown out by a chainsaw.’
      • ‘It would be anywhere from four to six months or longer before we would be back in our homes.’
      • ‘Along the route the rocks range anywhere from gumball size to golf ball size and larger.’
      • ‘At the right price, they agree to have a corporate logo tattooed on to their skin for anywhere between a few days and several years.’
      • ‘Food banks at these universities are open anywhere from two to 40 hours per week.’
      • ‘No personal belongings were found on the body which had been in the river for anywhere between three and 12 months.’
      • ‘These can be anywhere from eight to 30 years old and are generally consumed straight.’
      • ‘But from then on, the length before the case comes to trial can be anywhere from six months to years.’
      • ‘With recorded information the point of consumption can be anywhere from seconds to millennia ahead.’
      • ‘The entire play is a lengthy affair and may sometimes take anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks for completion.’
      • ‘It is a technical matter, which may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to settle, he explained.’
      • ‘Today, their number is estimated to be anywhere from 200,000 to more than half a million.’
      • ‘You can spend anywhere from a couple of hours to the entire day enjoying the Cades Cove loop.’
      • ‘Depending on who you spoke with, the death toll ranged anywhere from two to ten.’
      • ‘These milkmen supply anywhere between ten and thirty litres a day to households.’
      • ‘Within the bounds of goat's milk there are so many flavours, ranging anywhere from sweet and tangy to just plain stinky.’


  • Any place.

    ‘he doesn't have anywhere to live’
    • ‘Is there anywhere we can go that God doesn’t see?’
    • ‘I didn't have anywhere to go.’
    • ‘Is there anywhere I can buy a Mountain Bike online?’


  • anywhere near

    • 1At all near (used for emphasis)

      ‘I wouldn't dream of letting a surgeon anywhere near my eyes’
      • ‘No one wants a tip or incinerator anywhere near them but will shout their heads off if they are asked to recycle or reduce what they throw away.’
      • ‘People living in Anchor Road, Clacton, are fed up with not being able to park anywhere near their properties.’
      • ‘In any case no-one would have dared to go anywhere near Princess Esther.’
      • ‘We can't mine anywhere near, nor discharge anything into salmon spawning streams.’
      • ‘Most young couples can't afford to buy a block of land anywhere near the coast and build a house on it these days.’
      • ‘Cades Cove is a must see if you are anywhere near the Smoky Mountains on your vacation.’
      • ‘I had to leave home at 18 to go to uni as my parents didn't live anywhere near one.’
      • ‘I can just about put up with cats, if they don't come anywhere near me.’
      • ‘Many of the Brits now visiting Spain don't go anywhere near a beach.’
      • ‘When he came home he was not allowed to be anywhere near my sister and me.’
      • ‘If you have been anywhere near City Hall in the past two days there is no way to have missed the structure being erected.’
      • ‘And now I don't live anywhere near this place that holds such importance for me.’
      • ‘I have relegated my studying to the basement, because if I go anywhere near my room I will go to bed.’
      • ‘No shops, and no schools anywhere near, they are further up the road.’
      • ‘Following their arrests both denied being anywhere near the scene.’
      • ‘I didn't see it clearly but wherever the guy with the ball was going it wasn't anywhere near the goal.’
      • ‘It was to drive stainless-steel pipes down through the danger zone, and pick up the water before it got anywhere near it.’
      • ‘If you live anywhere near an arterial or collector street, you've got an increasing problem.’
      • ‘People shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a computer unless they've rudimentary lessons in how to use one.’
      • ‘This is the National Theatre's touring production - if it plays anywhere near you, do not miss it.’
      1. 1.1Remotely close to in extent, level, or scope.
        ‘imitations rarely look anywhere near as good as the real thing’
        • ‘Where buses will go is anyone's guess and by the look of things, it will be the spring before things are anywhere near back to normal.’
        • ‘They don't look anywhere near as interesting as the genuine article.’
        • ‘Gradually the lack of Northern Irish players performing at anywhere near a decent level is abating.’
        • ‘Particularly if it is anywhere near as gorgeous tomorrow as it was today, as I'll wake up in the sun and bask.’
        • ‘To make matters worse, the line has not played anywhere near its level of the last two years.’
        • ‘There just isn't anywhere near the level of excitement when the Jets were around.’
        • ‘Neither parent is functioning at anywhere near the level that the foster mother does.’
        • ‘Two years on, the picture is shifting, but no one in Bradford is pretending the problems are anywhere near being solved.’
        • ‘The Ticonderoga was navigated using the most advanced methods of the time but it wasn't anywhere near automated.’
        • ‘Models and textures are adequate, but never get anywhere near a level of impressive detail.’
        • ‘He felt he would never reach anywhere near his father's histrionic abilities.’
        • ‘I just got back from seeing it… its not the worst film… its not anywhere near the best.’
        • ‘I have several potential job opportunities around at the moment, but none excited me anywhere near as much as this one.’
        • ‘I know that I don't know anywhere near enough about the violence I have talked about here.’
        • ‘If this is anywhere near the truth we have a very significant problem, and those nine young men who attacked London will not be the last.’
        • ‘In addition, exports have not performed anywhere near the levels the department was hoping for.’
        • ‘It's going to be difficult, but we didn't play anywhere near the level we can in the home leg.’
        • ‘I asked him, not that I thought Matt was anywhere near that close to being the perfect male specimen.’
        • ‘Firstly, on its own it doesn't go anywhere near solving Sligo's traffic problems.’
        • ‘Stretched resources prevent police numbers getting anywhere near the levels residents would like.’