Definition of anyhow in English:



  • 1

    another term for anyway
    • ‘That's not the only thing frustrating me, though it all comes down to politics in the end, anyhow.’
    • ‘I think this list is if you are going to a shelter, but some of the stuff here is good to have anyhow.’
    • ‘I'm sad that we're not friends; or perhaps I'm sad that I don't want to be her friend anyhow.’
    • ‘And probably they're too cynical to buy into much of what's set up for them anyhow.’
    • ‘We're in a world where it's pretty immoral anyhow, and this just adds to it.’
    • ‘There are things going on here that I'd rather not write about, not yet anyhow.’
    • ‘Even though it's the way forward and so on, the way forward that still feels like twenty foot back, but anyhow.’
    • ‘What inconsiderate idiot designed this standard resume form, anyhow?’
    • ‘I mean, what were you going to do with those pennies anyhow, besides stick them back in the couch cushions?’
    • ‘The Smiths went to an open house at the school anyhow, and left impressed.’
    • ‘He's just being nice anyhow; the guy that plays for a hobby is nowhere near as good as the guy that played for a living.’
    • ‘So anyhow, the radio alarm clock goes off at five sharp, and of course I can't find the button to turn it off.’
    • ‘They were about three years old and in need of changing anyhow.’
    • ‘Not if the author has any say over the casting, anyhow.’
    • ‘I have a zit on my face that looks - to me, anyhow - like a weapon of mass destruction.’
    • ‘It doesn't actually make me feel more competent, but it's cool anyhow.’
    • ‘I will never move my kids away from their grandparents; not at this age anyhow.’
    • ‘I told him that nothing was wrong with it, and perhaps, sometimes he could vent his desires in this way, as he was already anyhow.’
    • ‘I think it was also discriminatory against those who do not own a sense of humor, but what are they doing here anyhow?’
    • ‘Untangling the lies is good clean fun, but it takes a lot of energy, and the returns are diminishing now anyhow.’
    anyway, in any case, in any event, at any rate, at all events, no matter what, regardless
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  • 2In a careless or haphazard way.

    ‘two suitcases flung anyhow’
    • ‘We didn't get any maid service the following day but that was fine with me because we had most of our belongings strewn around anyhow.’
    • ‘Colour seemed flung down anyhow, anywhere; every sort of colour, piled up in heaps.’
    • ‘My pictures are all scattered anyhow so it may take some time to accumulate them.’
    • ‘At the camp at Kokinia, outside Athens, 'lorries were being hurriedly packed, stores and equipment were flung about anyhow, officers' valises and suitcases were lying open with their contents scattered around as if the owners had made a hasty choice of their more valuable belongings at the last moment.’
    • ‘From his vantage point, Kheda could clearly see a heap of quilts were tossed all anyhow on a narrow bed.’
    haphazardly, carelessly, heedlessly, negligently, in a muddle, in a disorganized manner
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