Definition of anybody's (or anyone's) guess in English:

anybody's (or anyone's) guess


  • Very difficult or impossible to determine.

    ‘how well the system will work is anybody's guess’
    • ‘Now, it's anyone's guess who was the intended target of his verbal charge.’
    • ‘Some of these will make fortunes for their directors and some will not, but it's anyone's guess which will thrive and which will fail.’
    • ‘Although, again, why she was bothering with him is anyone's guess.’
    • ‘How the markets will react in the weeks ahead is anyone's guess however.’
    • ‘Whether she can maintain the form and the focus until the US Open is anyone's guess but at least she knows that she is a champion again.’
    • ‘How many Pittsburghers will know what they really are celebrating is anyone's guess.’
    • ‘It is anyone's guess if Easter Sunday will be resurrection day for him.’
    • ‘What to do about this imbalance is anyone's guess; but it does exist.’
    • ‘Whether anyone will develop on the new land is anyone's guess.’
    • ‘This Christmas it was a bridge replacement, so whether things will be running on time tomorrow morning is anyone's guess.’