Definition of any road in English:

any road

(also any road up)


Northern English
  • Anyway.

    ‘any road, I'm sure you'll make a go of it’
    ‘any road up, a good few folks turned up’
    • ‘There'll be all this worry that he should be opening, but come 10.45 on Thursday, England'll be 2-2 and Vaughan'll be at the crease like an opener any road.’
    • ‘Any road, in Sports Personality of the Year, we the British public usually hit the nail on the head.’
    • ‘But there was a flag up any road for something or other.’
    • ‘On occasion, he would add: ‘They're vermin any road up - rainbow trout, ah mean.’’
    • ‘But, any road, don't buy shoes - they'll never fit.’