Definition of any other business in English:

any other business


  • Matters not listed on the agenda of a meeting, raised after the items on the agenda have been discussed.

    ‘the head teacher deliberately retained the item for any other business’
    • ‘Dissatisfied councillors had to forego raising matters under Any Other Business (AOB) on the agenda due to time constraints.’
    • ‘This has been brought up by councillors under Any Other Business at their meetings at least 20 times and has featured on meeting agendas on six occasions.’
    • ‘Under any other business, the chairman informed the meeting the village Christmas lights will switch on this year on Friday 10 December.’
    • ‘They also claim their resolutions have been ignored but will have the opportunity to raise any matters under any other business.’
    • ‘Under Any Other Business Ann spoke about the new proposed court, which is still in the planning stages.’
    • ‘Chairman: I am happy the issues raised today can be discussed under any other business.’
    • ‘When he failed to get a seconder he had to resort to raising the issue under "Any Other Business".’
    • ‘However the main body of the meeting was taken up with items under Any Other Business.’
    • ‘The motion proposed was not properly before the meeting, as it had been proposed under any other business.’
    • ‘Any other business: it would seem to be time to admit that my turnout forecast for the elections was hopelessly wrong.’
    • ‘The issue was expected to be contentious but the debate lasted just five minutes and was raised under Any Other Business at a meeting.’