Definition of Anura in English:


plural noun

  • 1An order of tailless amphibians that comprises the frogs and toads.

    Also called Salientia or Batrachia
    • ‘Frogs and toads make up the order Anura, which is part of the vertebrate class Amphibia.’
    • ‘Of three possible histories, the only one that has not been seriously considered is an Anura (frogs and toads) - Gymnophiona sister relationship, with Caudata sister to that group.’
    • ‘All toads are frogs, but true toads refers to a specific family in the order Anura.’
    • ‘Until recently, study of the motor control of amphibian feeding was limited to a few model taxa, for example the genera Bufo and Rana representing the Anura, and salamanders of the genus Ambystoma representing the Caudata.’
    • ‘There are around 3,900 species of tailless amphibians, or Anura, also called Salientia, including the frog and toad.’
    1. 1.1anura Amphibians of the order Anura; frogs and toads.
      • ‘The living Anura are typically divided into three suborders.’
      • ‘The Anura are remarkable for the total absence of teeth in the mandibles in all but one or two genera.’
      • ‘The Anura have relatively short and broad bodies, and both pairs of limbs are constantly present, the hinder being the longer and stronger.’
      • ‘The toxic epidermis of some Anura when impacted into a bite wound via teeth & saliva can likely create these reactions.’


Modern Latin (plural), from an- ‘without’ + Greek oura ‘tail’.