Definition of ants' eggs in English:

ants' eggs

plural noun

  • The pupae of ants, especially when used as food for pet fish.

    • ‘There is more to keeping coldwater fishes than the traditional goldfish bowl and a tub of ant's eggs.’
    • ‘All my live food (grasshoppers, centipedes, caterpillars, maggots, and garden roaches) are fresh from the wild daily, including ant's eggs.’
    • ‘With the damp soil that we've had on the raised beds in here recently, as summer storms replenish the water table, this must have been a welcome dry area for them to bring the 'ant's eggs', the pupae of the youngsters, into.’
    • ‘Tropical fish may be problematic, in that individuals can develop allergies to the ant's eggs.’
    • ‘The treatment was to take some ant's eggs and mix them with onion juice.’