Definition of antivivisectionism in English:



  • See antivivisection

    • ‘In The Old Brown Dog, an analysis of the psychology and sociology of antivivisectionism in Edwardian society, Coral Lansbury notes that opposition to animal experimentation among the poor and working classes was often closely linked to fear of one's corpse being sold for dissection.’
    • ‘It was the first book that abandoned the traditionally apologetic and defensive stand of antivivisectionism in favor of a lucid and formidably documented attack on animal-based medical research, accusing such research as being not only useless, but damaging to the point where modern medicine is widely being regarded as the principal cause of disease today.’
    • ‘She devoted more time to favored causes, including antivivisectionism and the protection of minors, and her letters afford the reader an in-depth perspective on these and other public issues and on the personal values underlying her opinions.’
    • ‘In response to antivivisectionism in the US, the American Medical Association began a lobbying campaign to counteract the efforts of animal activists, seeking to prevent limits being placed on medical researchers.’
    • ‘Along the way, Spira learned that more than 100 years of antivivisectionism hadn't ever stopped a cruel experiment.’