Definition of antitrades in English:


(also antitrade winds)

plural noun

  • Steady winds that blow in the opposite direction to and overlie the trade winds.

    • ‘Taking a new course through the North in the hope of finding the antitrade winds, Urdaneta discovered the Tornaviaje route which allowed him to reach California and travel along the coastline of New Spain.’
    • ‘As air is sucked towards the equator on the trade winds and rises, it loses its moisture as rainfall before moving back towards the poles on the antitrade winds.’
    • ‘These belts are the doldrums, the trades and antitrades, the horse latitudes, the westerlies, and the polar winds’
    • ‘The fourth level indicates typical positions of the polar and subtropical jet streams, and also depicts the antitrade winds.’
    • ‘The British Isles lie at the convergence zone between the warm southwest antitrades and the cold polar easterlies.’