Definition of antiserum in English:



  • A blood serum containing antibodies against specific antigens, injected to treat or protect against specific diseases.

    • ‘Newborn babies at risk of severe chickenpox can also be given antiserum (serum containing antibodies).’
    • ‘Serotyping was done by the set of type specific antisera.’
    • ‘In addition, a program to develop countermeasures including vaccines, antisera, and therapeutic agents to protect troops from possible biological attack was begun in 1953.’
    • ‘The specificity of the antisera obtained was quite satisfactory.’
    • ‘Obtaining antisera against two immunologically distinct red cell antigens, he found these present in some mouse strains and absent from others.’
    remedy, curative, medicine, medication, medicament, restorative, corrective, antidote
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