Definition of antiscorbutic in English:



  • (chiefly of a drug) having the effect of preventing or curing scurvy.

    • ‘In 1747 the British naval surgeon James Lind conducted experiments on antiscorbutic substances - that is, those able to prevent scurvy.’
    • ‘Gilbert Blane and Thomas Beddoes, highly esteemed authorities on scurvy in the 18th century, rightly doubted that there was any antiscorbutic virtue in malt.’
    • ‘There are several isomers, only one of which has significant antiscorbutic properties.’
    • ‘Many beneficial properties have been assigned to the mango such as its antiscorbutic, diuretic, laxative and astringent effects; but the fact still remains that it is a fruit that is high in sugar.’
    • ‘Vitamin C may be best known for its antiscorbutic and antioxidant properties.’


  • An antiscorbutic food or drug.

    • ‘To provide the men with antiscorbutics while on campaign, they pickled everything that would pickle, from onions to potatoes to artichokes.’
    • ‘Lemon juice is probably the best of all antiscorbutics, being almost a specific in scurvy.’
    • ‘It is also likely that the 1913 Scott expedition to Antarctica failed due to the absence of any antiscorbutics.’
    • ‘Cook did, for example, but other captains didn't and it was an imperfectly understood thing, that you had to have antiscorbutics in the diet otherwise you got scurvy.’
    • ‘The juice of lemons and oranges are antiscorbutics never enough to be commended.’