Definition of antiphony in English:



mass noun
  • Antiphonal singing, playing, or chanting.

    • ‘Due to textual antiphony, the choice ultimately rests with the individual reader.’
    • ‘Harris's style is strong and assertive, imbued with an American melos of hymn tunes and folksongs, and using the orchestra to create powerful effects of block antiphony.’
    • ‘Though here, too, there is the braggadocio of the blues persona, Cortez employs less antiphony in her own voice, using instead a softer, more sensual tone to simulate a jazz ballad.’
    • ‘My one carp with the piece is that it relies a bit too heavily on antiphony, a natural device for two choirs.’
    • ‘The alleluias are strong and simple, with mainly two-part antiphony (back-and-forth) between the men and the women.’