Definition of antimonious in English:



  • See antimony

    • ‘The 5-foot draft wing keel is antimonious lead and fastened to the structural grid network with stainless bolts.’
    • ‘The stannic and antimonious heat stabilizers which are very widely used at the present time, because of their efficiency, are very strongly recommended for a preferred embodiment of the invention.’
    • ‘Once motor vehicle wheel weights are no longer made of antimonious lead, the lead hazard in urban streets will subside.’
    • ‘We use the finest materials, chosen for their resistance, beauty and durability: Kevlar reinforcement in the bow sections, antimonious Lead keels, more expensive but improved performance in safety and maintenance.’
    • ‘It is necessary to hold these pastilles in place, which is done by means of a grid or frame, of antimonious lead, surrounding and firmly binding them.’