Definition of antigenic determinant in English:

antigenic determinant


  • another term for epitope
    • ‘Microorganisms of the same species may differ in the antigenic determinants expressed on the cell surface.’
    • ‘Most of these antibodies are directed against antigenic determinants on the constant portion of the murine immunoglobulin molecule.’
    • ‘Immunological studies show that ADH molecules from different mammalian species share common antigenic determinants and that common structures have been preserved over a long evolutionary period.’
    • ‘At least six intestinal hydrolases have ABO blood group antigenic determinants directly related to ABO blood group.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the antigenic determinants of cephalosporin allergy have not been similarly elaborated, and neither skin testing nor IgE antibody assays for cephalosporin allergy are clinically available.’
    • ‘Formalin fixation before embedding was less than 30 hours throughout, which is important for preserving the antigenic determinants analyzed in this study.’
    • ‘These investigators found that the specific IgE binding to a new antigenic determinant of TDI-human serum albumin conjugate can be heterogeneous and can differ between one individual and another.’
    • ‘Thus the invention is the chemical comprising at least 10 amino acids in which there is an antigenic determinant to which an antibody to HCV will bind.’
    • ‘One of the most clinically important classes of sphingolipids are those that confer antigenic determinants on the surfaces of cells, particularly the erythrocytes.’
    • ‘The epitopes or antigenic determinants on the cell's surface are collectively referred to as cluster designations or CD binding sites.’
    • ‘It is possible that the animal anti-IF antisera detect different plant proteins with similar antigenic determinants.’
    • ‘Antigen mimicry is likely involved, whereby one or more antigenic determinants on an HHV-6 protein may cross-react with a myelin determinant.’
    • ‘Polyclonal antibodies raised against recombinant SC24 cross-reacted with the seed coat peroxidase enzyme, suggesting that these two proteins may share an antigenic determinant.’
    • ‘It may work by causing a negative feedback mechanism or by blocking RhD antigenic determinants on the red cell membrane, among other postulated mechanisms.’
    • ‘Glycosphingolipids can act as antigenic determinants and mediators of immune responses as well as surface receptors for hormones, bacterial toxins, lectins, and other biomolecules.’