Definition of anticlimactic in English:



  • Causing disappointment at the end of an exciting or impressive series of events.

    ‘it was an anticlimactic finish to the match’
    • ‘Considerably deflated by the prospect of an anticlimactic reunion, Candide's mood turns sour.’
    • ‘At first, the art works themselves seemed anticlimactic.’
    • ‘We also experience anticlimactic battles against predictably "odd" robots.’
    • ‘The ending is not only anticlimactic, it feels like a slap in the face.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this is the show's high point, the finale of an amusing first act swiftly followed by an anticlimactic second.’
    • ‘The movie features a lot of running around, leading up to an anticlimactic ending.’
    • ‘Once the band gets back together, things are a little anticlimactic.’
    • ‘The opening sequence reaches such an emotional peak that the remaining conversations seem almost anticlimactic.’
    • ‘His frustration over the book's reception seems almost anticlimactic in comparison with the frustrations he was now facing.’
    • ‘The robbery itself, usually the showcase scene of caper films, is treated more like an anticlimactic afterthought.’