Definition of anti-feminism in English:



  • See anti-feminist

    • ‘After the mid-1840 s Mill gradually withdrew from his correspondence with Comte, increasingly perturbed by his former mentor's anti-feminism.’
    • ‘We asked how cultural antifeminism came to constrain therapists' identities and, ultimately, their functioning as therapists.’
    • ‘I've always believed that anti-feminism at its most insidious gets women to belittle and undermine each other.’
    • ‘Anti-feminism was intertwined with elitism and racism.’
    • ‘Anti-feminism defines "male" behaviour as different from "female" behaviour.’
    • ‘The general antifeminism of the culture she inhabited only further diminished women's status, even in the case of qualified nurses hoping to assist with the war effort by volunteering their expertise.’
    • ‘Despite occasional accusations of anti-feminism, racism, and class prejudice, Rupert has survived, holding an appeal for a varied readership.’
    • ‘A theory I have, but will leave to someone else to try to prove, is that the alarmism about television and children is a kind of anti-feminism.’