Definition of anti-abortionist in English:


adjective & noun

  • See anti-abortion

    • ‘According to anti-abortionists, pregnancy is sacred and mustn't be tampered with, but many of their opponents have overlooked the wedge that this drives between a mother and her fetus.’
    • ‘This is supposed to reassure critics that certain groups, like anti-abortionists, will not grab control of hospitals.’
    • ‘For both the abortion rights movement and anti-abortionists, members of Congress could prove amenable to restricting access to abortion.’
    • ‘Many anti-abortionists claim that late-term abortion is unadulterated murder because the fetus could survive outside of the womb.’
    • ‘Yet how many anti-abortionists advocate contraception to prevent a pregnancy rather than having an abortion?’
    • ‘In my latest academic upload here I look at the claim by anti-abortionists that they are ‘pro-life’ and find it to be an overgeneralization.’
    • ‘If, as anti-abortionists believe, abortion is taking a life for convenience, does this not open the door for Euthanasia or the killing of the mentally handicapped?’
    • ‘The desire by anti-abortionists to make abortion illegal is an unending dispute.’
    • ‘Lawyers on opposing sides - representing either stringent anti-abortionists or abortion doctors - have been given until today to reach a compromise.’
    • ‘The one thing that rankles me is, seeing all these anti-abortionists rallying, how can they judge who should be allowed abortions and who should not, surely this is the choice of the girl or/and their partners, and solely their choice.’
    • ‘Now before the hippies get excited about all this empowerment and coming together, let's not forget that, say, neo-nazis and anti-abortionists form tribes too.’
    • ‘Developments in this area have come to the fore in the arguments of those who have a ‘problem’ with abortion - and what is striking is that often such people are not anti-abortionists in the traditional sense.’
    • ‘If the anti-abortionist can show that the foetus is a person, then ‘you mustn't kill people’ becomes a good reason not to allow abortion - although it's also, on the face of it, a good reason not to allow capital punishment.’
    • ‘But there isn't much that's more hypocritical than anti-abortionists murdering, and it disgusts me that in their moral universe and mine, some points overlap.’
    • ‘Thousands of anti-abortionists rallied outside the high court in Washington on Monday in their annual rally calling for the overturning of a woman's right to choose.’
    • ‘As their total opposition to abortion has made little popular impact, the anti-abortionists are instead focusing on restricting women's access to abortion.’
    • ‘She is forced by her parents to have an abortion, then meets a family of anti-abortionists during her odyssey.’
    • ‘That policy, she says, is fueled by anti-abortionists, who use a range of strategies to argue that fetuses are people with the full and complete statutory protections afforded to citizens.’
    • ‘In fact, the feelings of the mother, the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, mean nothing to anti-abortionists.’
    • ‘For example, anti-abortionists have argued that since it is good to show a dead fetus on TV, it must be right that all women requesting abortion see images of fetuses - preferably their own.’