Definition of anthroposophical in English:



  • See anthroposophy

    • ‘Another thing that makes Seven Stars Farm unique is its strong ties to the local anthroposophical community.’
    • ‘I feel compelled to respond to Dr. Hanaway's article on vaccinations from a holistic and anthroposophical perspective.’
    • ‘The anthroposophical concept, that pests and diseases are nature's way of getting rid of something that is basically unhealthy, is in itself seen as a warning.’
    • ‘These anthroposophical ideas are not necessarily taught as part of the standard Waldorf school curriculum to the students themselves, but apparently are believed by those in charge of the curriculum.’
    • ‘Lilly Kolisko trained as a nurse and then came to dedicate herself to scientific work within the anthroposophical movement pioneered by Rudolf Steiner, at Stuttgart.’