Definition of anthropological in English:



  • Relating to the study of humankind.

    ‘an anthropological expedition to Borneo’
    • ‘He constructed a number of exotic sounds, reflecting ceremonial practice, and interwove them with anthropological narration.’
    • ‘She was a commercially successful choreographer and anthropological researcher of Caribbean dance.’
    • ‘Another equally important anthropological question is how biological distinctions are made symbolically and socially meaningful.’
    • ‘Their approach is essentially anthropological and descriptive, focusing on the experience of paid work in modem Britain.’
    • ‘She seems more enamored of her stock hero and his inamorata than of the cultural, anthropological pursuits of her protagonist.’
    • ‘His vision is essentially social, even anthropological.’
    • ‘His 1648 discovery of Avebury Ring set him off on a lifetime of anthropological studies.’
    • ‘These anthropological studies highlight the modalities of power in force at moments of gift exchange.’
    • ‘He evidently has a thoroughly anthropological idea of art.’
    • ‘His book offers an anthropological account of rituals of exchange in a number of communities.’