Definition of anthranilic acid in English:

anthranilic acid


mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless or yellow crystalline compound first obtained by alkaline hydrolysis of indigo.

    Chemical formula: NH₂C₆H₄COOH

    • ‘During 325 nm irradiation, anthranilic acid is rapidly and irreversibly bleached, while NADH emission undergoes only modest reduction.’
    • ‘This absorption and emission are consistent with anthranilic acid, which is one of these tryptophan products and which has a particularly high fluorescence quantum yield of approximately 0.5 in organic solvents.’
    • ‘There have been many studies of the parent acid of this ester, anthranilic acid, (2-aminobenzoic acid).’


Mid 19th century: anthranilic from Greek anthrax ‘coal’ + anil (being any imine derived from aniline) + -ic.


anthranilic acid