Definition of anthemic in English:



  • (of a song) like an anthem in being rousing or uplifting.

    ‘a set of anthemic folk songs’
    • ‘His vocals on the verse are some of his most affecting and emotional yet, while the anthemic chorus provides a break of desperate hope amid the quiet despondency.’
    • ‘As well being politically aware, their music is awash with anthemic, post-punk rhythmic bursts.’
    • ‘The songs vary from mediocre to surprisingly anthemic
    • ‘It is a disco tune with an anthemic rock chorus.’
    • ‘It's a great mix of heavy melodies played with soft distortion resulting in big, anthemic songs that are singable without being too poppy.’
    • ‘Their songs were anthemic and had something for everyone.’
    • ‘It's not unique or massively challenging but contains all the pounding riffs, anthemic choruses and tempo changes that your average enthusiast could ever want.’
    • ‘The band are the 103rd artists to record the anthemic ballad.’
    • ‘I turned around when the big anthemic tunes came on and it was nothing short of an incredible sight to see the whole place jumping.’
    • ‘While he may come across as disaffected and aloof off stage, he and his band are a powerhouse on stage, and have crafted several sensational albums of anthemic songs.’
    • ‘This three song EP features two mid-tempo, anthemic rock tunes which instantly found a place in my heart.’
    • ‘I suspect it's because they make some of the most amazing, anthemic, inspiring music around today.’
    • ‘The album has got some undeniably catchy, anthemic pop tunes.’
    • ‘Emotive riffs, inventive chords, anthemic vocals, and tempo changes combine for a truly great, epic song.’
    • ‘He sang some great anthemic ballads that the radio hasn't played to death.’
    • ‘His songs were rich both lyrically and musically, anthemic and yet intimate.’
    • ‘Here the beat is constantly fluttered and redrawn, but somehow held together by the nearly anthemic melodic refrain.’
    • ‘The track boasts dynamic strings, syncopated beats, and an irresistibly anthemic chorus.’
    • ‘But for as much pessimism as he ladles out, there are equal amounts of anthemic choruses encouraging the listener to hold on, look up, get out.’
    • ‘Does it have anthemic, dramatic hard-rock guitars?’
    exciting, stirring, action-packed, sensational, spectacular, startling, unexpected, tense, suspenseful, rip-roaring, gripping, riveting, fascinating, thrilling, hair-raising, rousing, lively, animated, spirited, electrifying, impassioned, emotive, emotional, emotion-charged, moving, soul-stirring, powerful, heady
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