Definition of antennule in English:



  • A small antenna, especially either of the first pair of antennae in a crustacean.

    • ‘The presence of urine increases olfactory sampling through antennules flicking during fights.’
    • ‘In the morphological domain, examples of novelties include the origin of feathers, new cusp patterns in mammalian teeth and altered numbers of antennule segments in copepod crustaceans.’
    • ‘To do this, it samples the environment as frequently as seven times a second with flicks of its ‘nose ‘- two whiplike appendages, or antennules, in front of its eyes.’’
    • ‘Like many crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans, stomatopods flick their antennules, probably to increase the velocity of their antennules relative to the surrounding fluid and reduce the boundary layer thickness.’
    • ‘A nauplius consists of the first three cephalic segments and the appendages belonging to those segments, the antennules, antennae, and mandibles.’
    antenna, tentacle, horn
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Mid 19th century: diminutive of antenna.