Definition of antennal in English:



  • See antenna

    • ‘A male would confront a female and attempt to grasp the female's antennae with its antennal clamps.’
    • ‘Moreover, a substantial proportion of the surviving hybrid males, but not the hybrid females, have antennal and leg deformities when reared under standard laboratory conditions at 29°.’
    • ‘This led us to the hypothesis that terrestrial crabs have the option of directing isosmotic urine to organs that, unlike the antennal gland, are capable of producing strong gradients.’
    • ‘Any one morphological structure in insects is usually highly polygenic, but still no morphological systematist today would think of proposing a phylogeny solely on the basis of a wing vein or an antennal segment.’
    • ‘In addition, a pair of antennal spines flare upon attack, transforming the larva into a prickly ball, difficult for small-mouthed planktivorous fishes to swallow.’