Definition of antechapel in English:



  • (especially in Oxford and Cambridge colleges) a distinct part of a chapel between the entrance and the nave or choir.

    • ‘Lazarus was purchased for the college by Warden Smith for £700 and then erected in the antechapel in 1952.’
    • ‘Above the entrance to the antechapel, covering almost the entire wall above the door, is Giampetrino's 15th century copy of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, on loan from the Royal Academy.’
    • ‘And, before you ask, the kissing in the antechapel was much more believable than the stuff on the bus.’
    • ‘The antechapel frescoes, important early examples of humanist civic decoration, reveal Taddeo's taste for challenging foreshortened postures, testimony to his powerful draughtsmanship.’
    • ‘In truth, King's College has shown itself in recent years to be unfit to be the custodian of its celebrated chapel - the shop designed in a crude gothic manner which today obstructs and disfigures the antechapel is a further disgrace.’