Definition of antechamber in English:



  • A small room leading to a main one.

    ‘the antechamber to an interview room’
    • ‘Discovered in August 1989, this tomb's main chamber had been robbed in antiquity, and yet its antechamber yielded the richest finds in terms of gold.’
    • ‘Upstairs, reporters jammed into a tiny antechamber, the shaggy cameramen and newspaper photographers chain-smoking and the lady reporters chattering nervously.’
    • ‘When I was led into the antechamber to drop off my coat and bag before getting into the sterile gear, I looked to my left - and behind a partition was Gilly.’
    • ‘The main room was a rectangle with various antechambers and vestibules branching off down its length.’
    • ‘The family filtered through into an antechamber and the friends passed by us all one at a time, saying their piece.’
    • ‘The hatch opened into a small antechamber that led into the main hall.’
    • ‘The next small room, unified by the square format of the paintings and their palette of light green and blue, served as an antechamber to the final gallery.’
    • ‘The young man found himself almost jogging after the proud soldier as he marched down hallway after hallway, through antechambers, past armed guards and down stairwells into the depths of the ministry building.’
    • ‘The three entered the castle, walking down the main hallways until they reached a small antechamber near the end of the hallway.’
    • ‘The room looked to be an antechamber, there was a gas-light lamp in the centre of the room, hanging from a ceiling.’
    • ‘The most succulent treats are left here by pilgrims who crowd into a small antechamber accessible only to the temple priests.’
    • ‘The sculptures that would not fit into the great gallery were installed in the antechamber and salon of the large glass conservatory.’
    • ‘Evidently they still had a whole labyrinth of corridors and antechambers to negotiate before they reached the forgotten chamber with its prized relic.’
    • ‘There were no ballrooms here, no antechambers upon antechambers, no retinues of servants and footmen.’
    • ‘To the north a curved antechamber led to two rectangular rooms about 12 metres long, while a smaller antechamber led to yet another rock-cut chamber to the south.’
    • ‘Finally, she heard the sound of voices in the grand foyer and scuttled over to the door of the antechamber.’
    • ‘The stairs creaked, the attic was spooky, the cellar dim and creepy; there were storage antechambers to every room.’
    • ‘Something like a polite cocktail party is taking place in a chintzy antechamber to the London Hilton's Grand Ballroom.’
    • ‘She imagined silent antechambers, heavy with Oriental tapestries, lit by torches in lofty bronze sockets, with two tall footmen in knee-breeches sleeping in large arm-chairs, overcome by the heavy warmth of the stove.’
    • ‘A lone larger work hung in an antechamber.’
    entrance hall, hall, hallway, entrance, entry, porch, portico, reception area, atrium, concourse, lobby, vestibule, anteroom, outer room, waiting room
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Mid 17th century (as antichamber): from French antichambre, from Italian anticamera, from anti- ‘preceding’ + camera (see chamber).