Definition of antecedently in English:



  • See antecedent

    • ‘However, the pattern he observed was ‘detachable’ as it matched an image he had, antecedently and independently from this particular heap of stones, stored in his mind.’
    • ‘For present purposes, the most important point is that group polarization will significantly increase if people think of themselves, antecedently or otherwise, as part of a group having a shared identity and a degree of solidarity.’
    • ‘It is easy to see how this might happen with discussion groups on the Internet, and indeed with individuals not engaged in discussion but consulting only ideas to which they are antecedently inclined.’
    • ‘A variation on this speculates that there may be countless random universes, among which ours is antecedently probable and therefore unremarkable, it needs no explanation.’
    • ‘No, because the so-called power to exclude competition is the exercise of the antecedently existing and separately sourced power.’