verbanteing, anted, antes

[with object]ante something up
  • 1Put up an amount as an ante in poker or brag and similar games.

    • ‘He essentially gets to pick which bets he thinks are best, and ante them up.’
    give, donate, give a donation of, make a donation of, put up, come up with, subscribe, hand out, grant, bestow, present, gift, accord
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    1. 1.1North American informal Pay an amount of money in advance.
      ‘he anted up $925,000 of his own money’
      no object ‘the owners have to ante up if they want to attract the best talent’
      • ‘When Symantec anted up $925 million of its own stock for firewall and intrusion detection system manufacturer AXENT Technologies in 2000, some analysts doubted whether the purchase was worth the price.’
      • ‘Perhaps these crazy ideas are just his way of forcing the federal government to ante up more money to the provinces for health care.’
      • ‘It's unheard of for a movie star to ante up $30 million of his own money to make any film, let alone an earnest, literal-minded version of Jesus' final 12 hours.’
      • ‘We're told it's because FOX didn't want to ante up money for her band.’
      • ‘The state has anted up $40 million for salary increases, but, in a program similar to Cincinnati's, Iowa will now evaluate teachers thoroughly to make sure the extra dough goes only to the good classroom performers, not the duds.’
      • ‘I will not applaud the clarity gained when the U.S. refuses to ante up more than a pittance for the damage wrought by tsunamis in Southeast Asia.’
      • ‘Often before the game would begin, each of the participants would ante up a dollar or two.’
      • ‘In an era of budget surpluses, advocates argue, the federal government could ante up money for purchase of open space and farmland.’
      • ‘The lowly Atlanta Hawks and his own homely Warriors both anted up $50 million for seven years, while the New York Knicks offered their midlevel exception.’
      • ‘The house always wins: Don Barden rolled the dice when he anted up millions for a Las Vegas casino.’
      • ‘Over the years they devised an elaborate numbers game to determine who picked up the tab for the table thus ensuring any welchers among them had to ante up their share from time to time.’
      • ‘The Venetian anted up $30 million in construction costs, the aforementioned $8.6 million in start-up costs and additional money for exhibition design.’
      • ‘The only legitimate argument I can come up with for seeing this film is that it's cheaper to pay the price of admission to a theater than to ante up the money for a trip to one of the Disney theme parks.’
      • ‘Grand Prairie anted up $65-million for the initial development of Lone Star Park, which opened for live racing in 1997, and has since invested more than $1.1-million for capital improvements at the track.’
      • ‘And they propose that board members ante up some serious cash - which the company would match - to purchase stock when they begin their service, as a way of creating stronger financial involvement.’
      • ‘It was my tendency in those days to ignore subway performers if I wasn't planning on anteing up a contribution - and during those tight times, I usually wasn't.’
      • ‘He anted up $5,000 and paid for the lighting himself.’
      • ‘Hey if you're not interested, I am, so ante up some money and make a payment in my name, nuh?’
      • ‘Nor do they have to ante up fresh funds to compensate for the loss for five years.’
      • ‘The network is anteing up about 9 percent of its $85 million annual program budget, betting that a host of offerings from boxing to rodeo to rugby to adventure racing to football is one reality programming trend on the rise among women.’
      pay, pay up, hand over, part with, give, put in, contribute, donate
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