Definition of ante-mortem in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Before death.

    as adjective ‘the ante-mortem instructions of the dead leader’
    • ‘‘It has become an integral part of the ante-mortem process at factories and pre-export clearance for live exports,’ he added.’
    • ‘It does mean that whatever arrangements I make for post-mortem effects must be made ante-mortem.’
    • ‘The lack of technology for ante-mortem detection of the bovine disease was a complex issue as the disorder did not trigger antigen response and went unnoticed in screening tests.’
    • ‘So I think that it is not evidence of an ante-mortem kind of ligature.’
    • ‘The forensic odontologists compare the dental remains that we recover with the ante-mortem dental records in order to make a positive dental identification.’


Latin, ‘before death’.