Definition of anovulant in English:



  • (chiefly of a drug) preventing ovulation.

    • ‘In the 1950's there began to be developed an anovulant pill, which was found capable of being used as a pre-coital type of artificial birth prevention.’
    • ‘At the midpoint of the last century science produced the anovulant pill, which quickly gained worldwide attention and widespread use.’
    • ‘The oral anovulant contraceptive pill had been developed privately with her assistance.’
    • ‘In the 1960s, the Church faced increasing pressure regarding the use of contraceptive means with the marketing of the anovulant pill.’
    • ‘A renewed challenge to the Church's teaching came with the approval of the anovulant pill in 1960.’


  • An anovulant drug.

    • ‘For these reasons, the therapeutic use of anovulants is not an act that would violate the first condition of the principle of the double effect.’
    • ‘The common factor is that all these are anovulants and therefore are equally good at stopping ectopics and intrauterine conceptions.’
    • ‘Depo-Provera is a brilliantly effective anovulant if the injections reliably occur every twelve weeks.’
    • ‘Even when taking contraceptives or anovulants, the number of ovules that we ourselves can use reduces gradually.’
    • ‘Papal teaching had also affirmed the licitness of using anovulants (birth control pills) to regulate the menstrual cycle so that conception might be avoided more successfully by couples practicing the rhythm method of contraception.’


1960s: from an- + ovul(ation) + -ant.