Definition of anorakish in English:



  • See anorak

    • ‘He was given the job of collecting membership subs and within six years, as he sat his Edinburgh University finals, this anorakish young politico was emerging through the smoke of battle to become national secretary.’
    • ‘Although the factory tour sounded a bit anorakish to me, it was actually pretty interesting.’
    • ‘While most folk could send you to sleep reciting their anorakish knowledge of grapes and wine, chances are they've drunk a thousand beers but wouldn't know a handful of hops from a bunch of Brussels sprouts.’
    • ‘Astronomy used to be very anorakish but now is very user-friendly.’
    • ‘I guess many of us are secretive about pastimes, hiding interests from friends, colleagues and neighbours for the fear of being perceived as anorakish or odd.’