Definition of annus mirabilis in English:

annus mirabilis


  • A remarkable or auspicious year.

    • ‘Brisbane is the team of the century and this year has been its annus mirabilis.’
    • ‘The year 1901, as the late Alan Bold once remarked, represented the annus mirabilis of modern Scottish fiction.’
    • ‘In 1905, an annus mirabilis for Einstein, he made three fundamental discoveries.’
    • ‘Since then, his career has taken off in leaps and bounds, with 2005 turning into an annus mirabilis.’
    • ‘Germany has chosen to dedicate this year, 2005, to Albert Einstein on the 100th anniversary of his annus mirabilis.’
    • ‘Anyway, 2005 marks a full century since Einstein's annus mirabilis, the year he published the four papers that catapulted him from clerk at the Bern Patent Office to an international superstar.’
    • ‘The Year 2001, and for me personally, an annus mirabilis.’
    • ‘Gone with the Wind, the biggest achievement in Hollywood's annus mirabilis, is many things to many people.’
    • ‘On and off the field, there is ample evidence of another resurrection, and season 2004 could well turn into another annus mirabilis.’
    • ‘The annus mirabilis of 1995 was the beginning, the peak, and the end of serious efforts along these lines.’
    • ‘This year really is turning out to be her annus mirabilis.’
    • ‘Between courses we continued to plan for victory - truly 2003 is going to be an annus mirabilis.’
    • ‘1953, as the editors put it, was an annus mirabilis for science.’
    • ‘The struggles both players had after their annus mirabilis were perhaps natural.’
    • ‘In this anniversary of Albert Einstein's annus mirabilis of 1905, it is tempting to examine one of the many books treating one of most significant creative outbursts of all time.’
    • ‘Looking back on this astonishing output, scientists and historians of science marvel at what is commonly referred to as Einstein's annus mirabilis - his miraculous year.’
    • ‘England went on to an annus mirabilis: victory in the Six Nations, victory over New Zealand and Australia in New Zealand and Australia, and then victory in the World Cup.’
    • ‘Little were we to know that 2000 was to be our annus mirabilis.’
    • ‘Nineteen twenty two was modernism's annus mirabilis, the year in which both Ulysses and The Waste Land touched down.’
    • ‘As Britain's gains mounted up in the annus mirabilis of 1759, Horace Walpole famously remarked that so numerous were the successes the church bells were worn out ringing for victories.’


Modern Latin, ‘wonderful year’.


annus mirabilis

/ˌanəs mɪˈrɑːbɪlɪs/