Definition of annulment in English:



  • [mass noun] The act of annulling something:

    ‘the applicant sought the annulment of the decision’
    [count noun] ‘grounds for an annulment’
    • ‘A growing number of young couples are applying for annulments, because it is cheaper and quicker than getting a divorce.’
    • ‘The Roman Catholic Church still refuses to recognise divorce, but does recognise annulments, which are granted on a much smaller scale in Ireland every year.’
    • ‘With a media blitz on who's dating whom, broken engagements, new engagements, marriages, and annulments, the world has seemed to turn its focus on love.’
    • ‘Her marriage to her campaign manager had landed her with some heavy baggage, if only in the eyes of those who considered the Catholic Church's policy on annulments hypocritical.’
    • ‘More than 5,000 annulments were granted annually; the beneficiaries included President Ricardo Lagos.’
    • ‘An annulment is a Church ruling that the marriage was invalid.’
    • ‘In the area of family law, meanwhile, it says that people can expect to wait between six and nine months for judicial separations, divorces, annulments and appeals.’
    invalidation, nullification, voiding
    repeal, cancellation, rescinding, reversal, revocation, setting aside, abolition, abrogation, rescindment, withdrawal, countermanding, quashing
    rescission, disannulment, negation, recall
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