Definition of annular in English:



  • Ring-shaped.

    ‘complex craters have uplifted central structures surrounded by an annular trough and a fractured rim’
    • ‘Granuloma annulare is characterized by smooth, skin-colored papules coalescing into annular plaques, and is often found on the hands, feet, wrists, and ankles.’
    • ‘The tympanic bone is distinctively annular (ring-shaped).’
    • ‘The Sun undergoes an annular, or ring-shaped, eclipse on the 3rd.’
    • ‘Research suggests that erythema migrans most commonly presents as a centrifugally expanding, erythematous annular patch.’
    • ‘The Sun will undergo an annular, or ring-shaped, eclipse on December 14.’
    • ‘Symptoms develop when a tendon cannot glide within its sheath because of a thickening or nodule that catches at the site of the first annular pulley, preventing smooth extension or flexion of the finger.’
    • ‘In a Slipped Disc or Herniated disc, if the annular fibers stretch or rupture, allowing the pressurised nuclear material to bulge and compress neural tissues, leg pain and weakness may result.’
    • ‘The patient with a prosthetic aortic valve who presents with infective endocarditis and an extensive annular abscess should undergo surgery before massive dehiscence occurs.’
    • ‘Contact grouting of shaft plugs involves injection of grout to fill annular space at rock/concrete interface or at concrete construction joint.’
    • ‘In longitudinal section, a persistent ring of tissue, marking the attachment point of the corolla, is visible projecting from an annular constriction between the calyx and fruit base.’
    • ‘On the same day a ring-shaped, or annular, eclipse of the Sun will be visible from central Greenland and from Iceland and northern Scotland.’
    • ‘The eclipse is an example of the rarest type of solar eclipse, a ‘hybrid’ in which some areas see a total eclipse while others see an annular, or ring-shaped, eclipse.’
    • ‘Wood found a muscle with a second head arising from the anterior annular ligament, and was separate from the rest of the muscle, as far as the insertion;’
    • ‘The spigot stem had an annular cutting edge to cut a cylindrical plug out of the bung or stopper by twisting the spigot.’
    • ‘For circularly polarized annular beams, as Siegman correctly describes, the azimuthal linear momentum from the spin contribution has equal and opposite senses on the inner and outer edges of the ring.’
    • ‘After collimation, the central part of the measurement beam travels to the target retroreflector through an annular mirror that returns the outer annulus of the beam, which acts as the reference.’
    • ‘We present here data on a range of protein fibers that we have obtained with our recently constructed 50 m annular gap calcium fluoride optics couette flow cell that is illustrated in Fig.1.’
    • ‘The patient in this case has Lyme disease, and the annular rash depicted is erythema chronicum migrans, characteristic of this disorder.’
    • ‘A transducer carrier is radially positionable relative to the magnetic recording surface and can be moved between recording portions and idling portions of the annular surface.’
    • ‘The annular depression has an air intake hole that extends downwardly to connect to an integrally formed extended air intake tube to guide the air deep into the feeding bottle so as to balance the air pressure inside the bottle.’
    circular, ring-shaped, disk-shaped, round
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Late 16th century: from French annulaire or Latin annularis, from anulus, annulus ‘a ring’.