Definition of annual general meeting in English:

annual general meeting


  • A yearly meeting of the members or shareholders of a club, company, or other organization, especially for holding elections and reporting on the year's events.

    • ‘Given the rise in shareholder activism, annual general meetings can be emotional affairs.’
    • ‘A coach load of Pewsey investors went to the Portman annual general meeting in Bournemouth last year but were not allowed to speak.’
    • ‘It will be put in front of shareholders at the annual general meeting, which this May is to be held in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘It has also been the subject of discussion at the last two annual general meetings at the club.’
    • ‘Shareholders will meet on Wednesday for the annual general meeting of troubled high street retailer Woolworths.’
    • ‘Clubs usually have their annual general meetings at this time and also big plans are hatched in the hope of a county title coming their way.’
    • ‘That was duly put to the committee and to members at the annual general meeting.’
    • ‘That decision may yet be overruled if enough clubs challenge it at the annual general meeting on May 30.’
    • ‘The draft constitution makes provision for an executive committee to implement decisions taken at annual general meetings and special general meetings.’
    • ‘Both were unanimously elected at the annual general meeting of the council.’
    • ‘The next meeting of the guild will be the annual general meeting and will take place on Wednesday May 3.’
    • ‘The paper reports a final decision will be announced at the Siemens annual general meeting on 27 January.’
    • ‘Mr Moore suggested that the committee might try to have future old boys' annual general meetings on or near the same day each year.’
    • ‘The annual general meeting of the club took place in the clubhouse on Friday night last.’
    • ‘I'm not sure you need to be 80 or totally mad to attend annual general meetings of shareholders, but it certainly seems to help.’
    • ‘Each apartment owner is entitled to a vote at the annual general meeting of the company and decisions are made then on the subject of management.’
    • ‘This is our annual general meeting and we would like to see all members, old and new, attend to discuss the future of the club.’
    • ‘The agenda will include a review of all matters since the annual general meeting and planning of events for the summer.’
    • ‘Ordinary shareholders will have to cause a rumpus at the annual general meetings to force real accountability and change.’
    • ‘Past players last year flocked to the annual general meeting to urge the club to return to its roots.’