Definition of annoyer in English:



  • See annoy

    • ‘Write down the known "annoyers" that occur at each stage – things you've been told by customers directly.’
    • ‘We have a enough things to worry about without being tortured by evil lawyers and other professional annoyers!’
    • ‘The relations were broken into three groups: ones that were pacifiers, ones that were markedly present but of no known effect, and ones that were annoyers.’
    • ‘With QuickTopic Pro you can also delete entire ranges of messages easily, and you can block the IP addresses of any persistent annoyers.’
    • ‘Once we get all those annoyers into prison and they start annoying their jailers, what them? Charge them with being annoying, fine them for being so annoying.’
    • ‘They claim the vermin-annoyers show no consistent success or, sometimes, no success at all. They're not approved for use by commercial pest-control companies because not enough is known about potential side effects.’