Definition of annotation in English:



  • 1A note by way of explanation or comment added to a text or diagram:

    ‘marginal annotations’
    • ‘The footnotes sometimes also quote the various annotations and critiques of de Selby's work.’
    • ‘I appreciate, too, the scholarship you appear to be undertaking this endeavor as indicated by your extensive annotations and explanations.’
    • ‘The software enables the user to design a rich, visual timeline of his or her life with text or audio annotations.’
    • ‘There are paragraphs filled with data that have no footnotes or annotations telling from where Duncan got the information.’
    • ‘Lamb would lend books to Coleridge, and they would come back with annotations as long as the text.’
    • ‘The letters are presented in chronological order with accompanying annotations coming within endnotes.’
    • ‘The annotations immediately give a wider cultural perspective than the simple text.’
    • ‘It could be best described as a selection of readings accompanied with annotations and explanatory notes.’
    • ‘Bronstein's wonderful annotations and insider comments make this a worthwhile book.’
    • ‘It's a well-read book with plenty of margin annotations, underlines and cross-references.’
    • ‘Hamowy's scholarly annotations are of great value in understanding the text.’
    • ‘The pop up text wasn't working because some of the annotations would be very long and I also wanted to include links with some of them.’
    • ‘Gladstone's own books are still on the shelves, complete with his pencilled comments and annotations.’
    • ‘In the knowledge web, not only the author but also third parties can create links, comments, and annotations.’
    • ‘While many of the games contain extensive annotations and discussions, others are presented with no comment.’
    • ‘With the numerous annotations and all the other aids that one expects in this series one has here an invaluable guide to one of the nineteenth century's greatest novels.’
    • ‘What would I ask an enchanted diary if it one day spontaneously responded to my marginal annotations?’
    • ‘The text of the poem is flanked by frames containing annotations, cross-references and half a dozen other types of supplementary material.’
    • ‘Not all annotations and marginal notes were politically motivated or denominationally influenced.’
    • ‘In addition to Roubinet's annotations, texts and translations are included.’
    note, notation, comment, gloss
    commentary, explanation, interpretation, observation, elucidation, explication, exegesis
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    1. 1.1[mass noun] The action of annotating a text or diagram:
      ‘annotation of prescribed texts’
      • ‘The text is modern-spelling, with in-page apparatus and heavy in-page annotation.’
      • ‘One is the long-term commitment to the concept that note-taking, reading, and annotation were going to be things that the magic of software could apply to.’
      • ‘My only criticism would be that despite the book's inclusion of a glossary of terms, I think people who aren't familiar with the language and existing culture of non-monogamy may want some outside annotation.’
      • ‘The accuracy of annotation and the correspondence between image and text will require user participation.’
      • ‘However, the constraints of HTML and web browser technology prevent the reader from personalizing the files, although we have provided readers with a simple search engine, and some indexing and annotation.’
      • ‘His book convinces the reader that an hour of actual experience is worth more than a lifetime of annotation.’
      • ‘At times the war correspondence needs substantial annotation to be understood, but this is a task which the editor accomplishes, as throughout the volume, with a sure hand.’
      • ‘I think it needs more in the way of paraphrase and/or annotation, which I hope Oxford University Press's forthcoming version of Durr's book on the cantatas will provide.’
      • ‘In addition, while some of the images are repeated to support reiteration in the text, in their second incarnation they often lack any annotation at all.’
      • ‘The drawings are, however, a disappointment, with insufficient annotation, and curiously reticent on Yorke's supposed engagement with construction.’
      • ‘AR will permit people to explore environments at their own pace, look at what interests them, and access multiple layers of annotation describing what they are looking at.’
      • ‘The book is written in German, which is a shame for those unfamiliar with that language because there is a great deal of verbal annotation that is informative about all kinds of positions and ideas.’
      • ‘The original abounds in archival data, lexical arcana and extensive annotation and was not easily put into English that flowed.’
      • ‘The second thing is annotation - the ability to append external data onto web resources (like, for instance, adding a comment to someone's web page).’
      • ‘Though helpfully divided into public and private documents, within those categories links appear in no particular order and with no organization or annotation hinting what can be found within.’
      • ‘It is evident that Anderson knows his subject well, but I think the simplification of language style and lack of annotation will leave some readers confused as to where scripture ends and embellishment begins.’
      • ‘It can make fascinating reading, especially as it makes extensive use of hypertext and reader annotation to allow discussion about Pepys' diary entries.’
      • ‘We can use the available templates to put together the video clips, the voice annotation and perhaps some text and then send them as one message to another cellular phone with the same capability.’
      • ‘A few highly recommended entries that I have not seen appear without annotation.’
      • ‘I have javascript enabled on this Windows 95 Netscape 4.6 browser but no forms for annotation appear when I log on to the site.’


Late Middle English: from French, or from Latin annotatio(n-), from the verb annotare (see annotate).